Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will A-Rod make the Hall of Fame or Shame?

Philly Daily News 2/18 back cover with A-Rod

Alex Rodriguez is the player that will most likely make the Hall of Fame that is still playing. That is of course prior to last week when all the news about him and steroids made the light of day. Did he need the steroids? Some argue no, but there are still many more that say now that the very use of the steroids should make him ineligible for the Hall of Fame. No player has been banned yet in the manner that Pete Rose has been banned, for life. There are many more players involved. The list is full of names and A-Rod came clean only when Sports Illustrated was about to report that he was involved with taking steroids. A-Rod knew all about this when his teammate, Andy Pettite gave his tearful account of what he had done. Roger Clemons is apparently also guilty of using steroids as are many more players.

When Barry Bonds case seemed to have been swept under a giant rug from a couple years ago, suddenly again this issue has resurfaced. There is so much evidence against Bonds it's almost comical to think that no real penalty or ban of any type has been imposed by the MLB towards him. What will come of all the rest of the players who used steroids apparently unknown to the MLB at the time? Will records be taken down? Will personal accomplishments be struck down? I don't think you'll ever see that, but something has to be done and to date nothing has been done. I think that the MLB will just keep stalling and allowing time to go by and hope the public just forgets about it all, or learns to live with it.

When you take any substance in the Olympics and are found to be guilty, the records get erased, and you become disqualified. No one in baseball is ready to go that far it seems and why shouldn't they?

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