Friday, February 13, 2009

Will the Phillies have a 20 game winner this year?

20 - ?

In only a short time, pitchers and catchers will have reported to Clearwater, Florida to start yet another major league season. This is only the start of what will be a 10 month odyssey for the players in this great game of Major League baseball.

Last year the Phillies won the World Series, but they didn’t have a pitcher that won 20 games for them. Cole Hamels was the World Series MVP, he finished the regular season with 14 wins and 10 losses. He really excelled in the postseason starting 2 games in the NLCS with a 1.93 era and then the World Series with a 2.77 era.

When the Phillies made it to the World Series back in 1980, Steve Carlton had 24 wins and 9 losses for the team, and Dick Ruthven had 17 wins with 10 losses for the Phils in the regular season. In 1993 when the Phillies played the Blue Jays in the World Series, the best Phillies pitchers were Curt Schilling with 16 wins and 7 losses, and Tommy Greene who went 16 wins and 4 losses. Going all the way back to 1950 with the Philadelphia Phillie ‘Whiz Kids’ Robin Roberts had 20 wins in the the regular season for the Phils back then when the Phils lost to the Yankees in 4 straight games in the World Series that year.

The last time the Phillies had a 20 game winner was way back in 1982 when Steve Carlton won 23 for the Phils, in fact the Phillies have only had two 20 game winners from 2008 to 1979.

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