Monday, February 23, 2009

Financial fraud leaves Scott Eyre with $13 in pocket

The recent collapse of the financial systems in the USA seems like a far fetched notion to some. Banks failing and large credit card corporations collapsing has been to the norm of late summer into October and November 2008 to now, many companies are being taken over at a rate not seen since the last Great Depression. The government took an upprecedented move of funneling billions of dollars into these companies to prevent a total collapse of the entire financial system that the country is built on.

On top of these failures has been stories of these "wunder investors", super star financial consultants where the ultra rich go to make their money grow even larger, also becoming part of the financial mess the whole country is in lately by all of their investing being shown to be fraudulent. Many baseball players have been snared by these bad investors in the past few months, including at least one Phillies player, Scott Eyre. It was revealed to that Eyre has basically the money in his pocket to pay his bills and since all his money has been frozen in the investigation into the frauds, he may be bouncing some serious checks that were just written in the past few days. Other MLB players have suffered the same fate, names such as Nady, and Damon to name a few. There are probably a lot more affected as well, but haven't came forward to tell the world their own financial problems.

The phrase from the Great Depression, "Hey brother, can you spare a dime?" has just took on new meaning some 70 years later in 2009.

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