Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remember Phillies prospect Michael Bourn and Geoff Geary?

What has happened since Michael Bourn left the Phillies last year to join Ed Wade and the Houston Astros? Well, Bourn has had a full season under his belt for the Astros and here is the results:

2008 Bourn stats: 138 games 467 AB's 29 RBI's and 5 HR's .229 AVG and 41 SB

It doesn't seem like Bourn had that great of a year except those 41 stolen bases. Compare his stats to Shane Victorino's from last year:

2008 Victorino stats: 146 games 570 AB's 58 RBI's and 14 HR .293 AVG and 36 SB

Shane had a better year than Bourn, but Shane's homerun production is not there either. He is more of a base hit kind of player.

Another former Phillies pitcher, Geoff Geary, is seeking a $2.1 million dollar salary from the Astros this year and may have to head to arbitration to get it so says the MLB Trade Rumors website. Ed Wade and the Astros have offered $1.45 mill. The writer of this blog is definetly in the wrong business for my regular day job, busting my tail for under $50,000 a year - but happy to have a job!

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