Friday, January 23, 2009

Phils still looking at free agents

The Phillies have been rumored to have been looking at a few more infielders lately. The biggest names are still Nomar Garciaparra, and Moises Alou. The Phils have already signed Marcus Giles to a minor league contract. It doesn't seem too long ago Marcus Giles was one of the better fielding hitters in the league. Apparently no one from the minor league clubs of the Phillies is ready to be called up just yet. It seems like the Phillies seem to be going towards wanting veterans to fill these positions lately, where in the past, they may have called someone up for their shot at the big leagues.

The Phillies have been holding a lot of their minor leaguers well into their 20's, as was the case with Ryan Howard and Chase Utley. It's not a great thing to be in the Phillies minor league system with the lineup on the field right now, the Phillies seem like they are stocked with stars and veterans so getting a call up is going to be difficult. This may be why the Phillies upcoming star to be from last year, Greg Golson. There was no where for him to go. Golson has potential and the Phillies traded him off to the Texas Rangers for another minor leaguer. If he makes the big club in Texas this year, look for Golson to excel.

It seems like we've been hearing the name Carlos Carrasco for a long time now, he's supposed to be one of the best prospects the Phillies have for pitching. He's looked great at times, then ordinary at times in the minors. Perhaps this will be the year fans at Citizen's Bank will get the chance to see him, time will tell and what about J.A. Happ, he looked good too at times. The Phillies may be more shy at starting these minor leaguers because of Kyle Kendrick, who looked like a 20 game winner for a while then fell completely apart. Those things happen to pitchers in the first couple years though.

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