Friday, January 30, 2009

Only 15 days to pitchers and catchers and Manny is still looking for a home

NY Mets Manny Ramirez fans state their case in public

photo: Savulich NY Daily News

Read about that story here from the Daily News New York

The New York Mets fans have staked their claim at wanting Manny Ramirez, and so has the manager, Jerry Manuel. Manny is looking for what maybe his last contract as a player, he's 36 years old and only one of 24 players in baseball to have hit over 500 homeruns for his career. He has already made over $150 million in his baseball salary alone.

The Phillies passed on his services even though without having Pat Burrell on the staff to patrol left field. I wonder what would have happened if the Phillies signed him. I don't think the fans would be getting on Manny out there in left field for much. He probably would have signed with the World Series champs also. I wonder how Phillies fans would have thought about possibly signing him though. He does bring some excitement to the field with him that is for sure.

Rich Baxter

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