Thursday, January 01, 2009

Jan 1, 2009 - Happy New Year and the arrival of MLB TV!

   The New Year always holds promise and thoughts for better times in the year to come. Phillies fans of course had a great year last year and still we hope to keep that going in '09. The team is essentially not too different from last year's team. The only difference is Pat Burrell is apparently not going to be on the team with the siging of Raul Ibanez. There is still some free agents out there, and perhaps the Phils still have a surprise move to still make before the start of the season.

   One great thing for me this year is the arrival of MLB TV which is on Comcast channel 280 in the South Jersey area. I couldn't wait to see what they would offer and this morning I went downstairs and popped the TV on for the first time in the new year and I tuned right in to MLB TV. I felt like the time when I was a teenager that MTV first appeared on the television. There was an exciting feeling going through me as I watched the old highlights with the great plays that we've seen in the past couple years and the greatest plays ever that we haven't seen perhaps because we weren't around to see them. I know all this has been available on the internet for downloading and view over the MLB website, but this is different now that is on tv. 

  It's almost like having a little Baseball Hall of Fame on your tv, because they will be showing the old classic games and a lot of cool stuff outside of their great coverage they promise during the regular season. 

                  Again Happy New Year to the readers of my blogs here and on!

                                                                          Rich Baxter

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