Monday, January 05, 2009

Burrell banished by the Phillies, signs with Tampa

A real good reason to become a Rays Fan this year as they add Burrell

"The Phillies sack Pat Burrell and pay Ibanez double what Pat will earn in only 2 years... who the hell is Raul Ibanez?"

Good for Pat Burrell, I am so glad he signed with a young hungry team like the Tampa Bay Rays. I am astonished that the deal Burrell got is no where near what he is worth in my opinion. The Phillies should be ashamed to in the end kick Burrell to the curb and treat him the way they did. The Phillies showed absolutely no love towards a guy who for years was a stand up player, never caused any problems, and donated a lot of what he made to local charity organizations.

Pat the Bat was the Phillie of the past 10 years, but Jimmy Rollins should stand up and take note of what the Phillies did to Pat the Bat and how they treat a player who gives their all and tried to make a difference despite having the front office of the Phillies very publicly say that they were trying to deal him and want to send him packing well before the time after the Phillies won the World Series. This is a bone head move the Eagles would make towards one of their players, not the Phillies but here we are and it's happened to Pat the Bat. This makes me very angry!

The Phillies go out and get a 'nobody' in an ex Seattle Mariner and pay him premium bucks even though he is 36 years old and have the younger more in shape Burrell get treated like the Phillies did is a sin. Burrell is probably wondering what he did wrong, and really what did he do wrong? He wasn't the second coming, but he is a pretty good baseball player. I smell Pat Gillick at work in this one, with yet another overpaid free agent with the 'Gillick Connection' that have really not done the Phillies anything in my opinion. I just really took a second look at the way the Phillies are starting to do business and I am not all that happy with it at all.

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