Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Phillies still get no respect in Las Vegas


The Phillies may have won the 2008 World Series, but don't tell that to the odds makers in the Las Vegas casino sports books who have put the Phillies in not as a favorite to repeat, but at odds of 10-1. The serious odds again are with the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox to get into the big game for 2009 and win.

   Even the Mets have been given better odds to make the win the series in 2009 at  8-1. So once again, the Phillies will start off the season next year with being the underdog. Even the young Rays team has better odds to return as of now at 8-1. The Phillies haven't made any moves yet this offseason that will improve their odds, but don't they won't.

  Buy them now at 10-1 and you'll be ahead of the game when the Phillies return to the World Series and win it all again! 

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