Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Phillies don't offer arbitration - maybe due to last year?

This is the Philly Style that Pat brings to this ballclub!

The Phillies did not want Jamie Moyer and Pat Burrell to take them to the cleaners legally through the arbitration channel next year that is. Both players had a great season and given what happened to the Phillies last year with Ryan Howard getting a big surprise with a 10 million dollar salary for the year made the Phillies shy away from the table this time around.

The Phillies have made it plain to see that they don't want Pat Burrell anymore. Why? That is a great question, he is an underrated player by the team even though he is the guy that the Phillies thought would carry the team some years ago. Here is how he ranks up there amongst left fielders in the National League:

Burrell is ranked as the 31st best outfielder in CBS Sportsline 2009 Fantasy rankings, they say he is streaky. The Phillies never really were a contender for Matt Holliday, he is ranked #1 by the CBS Sportsline '09 ranking. The Phillies now seem content with putting just about anyone out in left field next year, and it probably won't be Mr. Pat Burrell at any price. Again I ask why? Pat has got the Philadelphia attitude of winning down 'Pat' he doesn't complain and he understands what it takes to win and contributed to the Phillies post season wins really well last season. How about some loyalty by the Phillies, Pat is a lifelong Phillie, if anyone deserves some payback from the team it would be to him in my opinion.

Moyer: he is probably in the last year of his pitching career next year he is worth the money you give him just in experience to the other pitchers and he is one of the only players that signs autographs before the games that I've ever seen. In this day of the millionare stuckup ballplayer, he is a real gentleman. I don't mind paying to see a ballgame when I see the class that Jamie Moyer exudes everyday.

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