Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is Moyer being too 'smart' for Winter Meetings?

Moyer captured by the Philly Daily News

I am a Jamie Moyer fan. He goes to the ballpark to win, he signs autographs, he's a family man, and he singlehandedly dug up the pitchers mound and took it home after the Phillies won the World Series in 2008! How can't you like a guy like that?

Jamie Moyer had a career year last year, he almost beat Cole Hamels out for the top pitcher on the team. He had the most wins of any Phillies pitcher last year with 16. This could be the pinnacle of Jamie's career last year. Jamie was born in 1962 and made his major league debut in 1986. He is 46 years old now, and yes he had a great couple years with the Phillies. When he broke in with the Cubs he made $60,000 in 1986, last year he made $6 million pitching for the Phillies, the year before he made $6.5 million. During the years from 1998 through 2008, Jamie has made 62.8 million dollars from his pitching career according to Baseball Not too shabby. You can buy a co-op in Queens for that kind of money and still have a few million to play around with at the end of the day.

During the season Jamie pitched really well, he logged 196 innings for the team and amassed all those wins. In the playoffs, it was a different story. Jamie got absolutely blown off the mound against the Dodgers in a nightmarish game for him. I thought I saw Jamie's last pitching as a Phillies player that game. Not that one game tells a story, but Jamie had gotten away with that 78 mile pitch all year, but now it seemed like everyone was on to him. He couldn't buy an out if he wanted to. I was surprised that Jamie started a World Series game, I really was, the Dodgers had nearly torn him apart in the NLCS, and his 40.50 era proved it. It was perhaps the worst start by any Phillies pitcher in the playoffs in recent history. He did get that World Series start in Game 3 and he caught the young Rays off guard, he pitched 6.1 innings and scattered 5 hits with 5 strikeouts with 3 ER in a no decision for him, but the Phillies went on to win the game with a run in the bottom of the 9th inning and win 5-4.

My point is Jamie Moyer trying to be too cute? He's 46 now and if the Phillies offer a two year $15 - 16 million dollar deal, if I were him I would grab the nearest pen and start signing my name to the contract. He's not a guy who's going to command $10-12 million a year for two years let's face the facts. If fact, if the last two outings Jamie had were any indication of what is to come from him, who ever signs him could be in trouble. The Dodger game told a big story, Jamie can't hide from it. He's got a 83 mph fastball on a good day and it really seemed like it could have been all over for him in LA just a couple months ago.

Time will tell if Jamie rejoins the team, I would think he would want to end his career here, and no matter what happens to him in 2009, Phillies fans will always remember his stellar year in '08 - but that LA game still haunts me. Jamie do the right thing and sign your name, real soon!

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