Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Phillies slow in commiting to 2009 Upgrades

The World Series buzz is just under a month old, but already there is speculation that the Phillies new GM isn't in any hurry to acquire any free agents that would make the Phillies instant '09 contenders for a repeat.

Just by following the recent press interviews, it seems as if Amaro is taking the 'company line' in all negotiations. That is not saying anything about who the Phillies may or may not be after in the free agent market. Amaro is in some ways a step back for Phillies fans who wanted a really experienced GM that is his own man, and not one who simply follows orders from the owners.

Amaro's recent comments about Geoff Jenkins are a case in point:
From Yahoo Sports and Philly.com:

Amaro said he thought Jenkins could rebound in 2009.

"Absolutely," he said. "I think more than anything else he was getting adjusted to a new team. This was a guy that had played for one club for 10 years. He was making an adjustment to being in a new environment, probably trying to make an impression and do a lot of different things. Maybe it got him out of kilter, but we believe he can come back and be a productive offensive player."

These type of comments worry me. Look at Jenkins numbers, and his age. He's not a prime time every day player anymore in my opinion and to keep juggling Jason Werth is a crime. He should be the everyday player, he's earned the right. So the days march on to the start of 2009's opening day. Amaro continues to sound like a dud to me, he doesn't have anything eloquent to say about anyone the Phillies are looking at and he sounds as if he is still playing the role of understudy instead of the World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies GM.

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