Friday, November 14, 2008

Phillies raise prices amidst worst economic times

$10 Jump in Single Seats per game from Section 115 to 132 for non season tickets from $50 to $60 per ticket

If anything was said to be recession proof it would have to be professional sports events. In the most terrible economic times this country has ever seen, ticket prices to see a baseball game will raise again for the 2009 Phillies. The biggest jump occurs to anyone wanting to sit from first to third base and buying the ticket as a single game. Prices also have creeped up everywhere else in the ballpark. Parking crept up to $11 during the last couple weeks of the season at the ballpark as well. The last 'affordable' sport to see a game just got pricier.

The fact of having a World Series Championship team on the field doesn't hurt the Phillies front office at all with their quest for more money from the fans. So you'll have to dig a little deeper for that ticket next year. It doesn't seem that long ago that a $22 ticket was top price at the Vet to see a game, but with the smaller venue at Citizens Bank Park, the reduced number of seats means that ticket prices have to spike up to amounts we didn't think we would spend on a baseball game just a few years ago. The ticket face value of World Series tickets this year in the better seating areas was $225 in 1983 you could have seen a World Series game at the Vet in the stadium for $25 in the outfield. Let's see if I made $20,000 in 1983, I should be making $200,000 a year now with that kind of math..... I am not mind you, inflation is a cruel reminder to all of us.

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