Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Poll; Should the Phillies resign Pat Burrell ?

What more could a player do for a team? Pat Burrell has to be one of the most unappreciated players ever of the Philadelphia Phillies. Here's his numbers:

Drafted Number 1 in 1998

251 Homeruns as a Phillie since 2000

827 RBI's since 2000

1166 games played in Phillies uniform (reg season)

This is in 9 seasons as a Phillies player for Burrell, compare this to Michael Jack Schmidt's career numbers:

Schmidt: 18 years as a Phillie
548 career homeruns
1595 RBI's
2404 games in Phillies uniform

What do you see in this comparison, Burrell's numbers, if continued, may equal Schmidt's if he stays healthy and can play another 9 years. I consider Schmidt to be the greatest Phillies player that I have ever seen outside of Pete Rose, who played just a short time for the Phillies. Schmidt took it on the chin from the Phillies fans and so does Burrell, they have a lot in common. Schmidt is in the Hall of Fame for Baseball though and Burrell is still working toward that goal.


  1. If Burrell plays 9 more seasons I'd be shocked. I expect probably 3 more productive seasons from him and then 1-3 mediocre/subpar seasons before he is shown the MLB door.

  2. I don't know about that, he keeps himself in good shape, I see a 4 year deal for him somewhere, hopefully Philly and then maybe 2-3 for dh or something. So I am a bit more bullish on Burrell!