Wednesday, October 29, 2008

World Series stats for the Phillies so far

  As we approach the continuation of the game 5 at Citizen's Bank Park, let's take a look at some World Series stats:

    Ryan Howard has poured it on in the series all of a sudden after not doing much in the division or NLCS games here's his line so far after 4 full world series games:

   Ryan Howard:   6-17   .353 batting average  /  6 rbi's  / 3 Hr's

    A case for him to be the MVP of the series can be made from these numbers, Ryan has pulled it all together in the series and has been a catalyst of the team in the World Series. I have ragged him when he hasn't played good, but this guy is one of the reasons the Phillies are where they are now.

  Jason Werth:   6-15    .400 batting average   /  2 RBI's  /  4 BB's   /  2 SB

       Werth has proved he is the real deal in the series. The Phillies should know by now that he is an everyday player, as I've said before a couple times in this blog. Werth should be an everyday player in this league and playing for the Phillies. 

 Carlos Ruiz     5-12       .417 batting average   /  3 RBI's  /  4 BB's   /  .833 SLG %

       Carlos has been the surprise player of the series and the playoffs. We joked that he wasn't good enough to be playing this series before it started. Ruiz has the last laugh, we's right up there with Howard as the most productive player offensively. 

         All of these stats are good through Game 4 - the series is still going on and we'll review all the stats of note after the series. Let the baseball gods let the Phillies win the World Series at home! We need a little to be happy about after that terrible delay of Game 5.

                   Rich Baxter   -   Fightin Phillies blog

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