Friday, October 24, 2008

Rays even the Series at 1-1

 Tampa came back and played almost the same game the Phillies did in the first World Series game. That was get on the board and score early. The Phillies have had loads of chances to score runs in this series already but can't seem to put the puzzle together to do it. If you followed the Phillies all season, this is no surprise. They've had this issue before, they get men on base but can't score at times. A lot of the players on the team just don't seem comfortable in the big spotlight. Jimmy Rollins has been one of them. He's just not that happy go lucky type guy at times, it shows he's tense in the first two games. Perhaps the shift in the series to Philadelphia will do him justice and allow him to play his game. 

Ryan Howard did get on base a few times in Game 2 after his terrible performance in Game 1 where he struck out three times and got a walk. Ryan has yet to show us that power, and homerun prowess. He didn't have a home run yet this postseason and this is a concern. I didn't expect the Phillies to take game 2, the Rays are way to hungry to let that happen. Tampa has shown a will to win the whole season by taking the ALCS and even the Eastern AL division from the power stocked NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox. This team isn't a push over for sure. 

Down here in Tampa, I was listening to the ESPN local radio sports show called the Killer B's. They droned on and on yesterday about the fact that Clearwater, Florida which is where the Phillies train in the Spring, shouldn't be rooting for the Phillies at all and this was 'Rays Country'. They needed something to talk about and this was their topic for damn near the whole show. What a waste of radio time, they even had the mayor of Clearwater on the show and he said he supported the Phillies but at the same time he was rooting for the Rays. Fine, but these guys on ESPN radio belabored this subject and beat it to death like a dead horse. You can root for who you want to Killer B's whether you live just outside of the Tropicana Field and like the Phillies or you live in Center City Philly and like the Rays. This is what America is all about!

The series shifts to Philly for three games now, it is even raining down here in normally sun drenched Florida, hopefully we can get the games in on time in Philly without too much of a problem due to weather. I think you see a different Phillies team for game 1 in Philly and a Phillies victory.

                             Rich Baxter  -  Fightin Phillies Blog

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