Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain games force delay in Game 5

The MLB would have played the World Series in these conditions as well... they need to have their head's examined

The field was terrible for the whole game of Game 5 practically. The rumor had it that there would be no rain delays for this game at all, and that the game would go on no matter what. This is what happened until the moment the Rays scored the tying run in the top of the sixth. This game could have been called before they tied the game. It was incredible that MLB decided that at that specific moment to suspend this game at the time that they did.

Let the facts of the evening be told:

1. This game was started and played in terrible conditions

2. There was no regard for the players or the fans in regards to the terrible weather

3. It was not Fox television that was calling the shots as far as a rain delays or cancellation

4. The umpire behind the plate was making terrible calls, he missed a lot of strike calls

5. At the time the game was called the conditions were virtually the same as the inning before

6. The MLB is to blame for all of this, they call the shots in everything related to this game

If anything, the decisions made by the MLB shed more light on the zaniness of this organization. Remember all the player drug scandals with regards to steroids? What do you hear of it now? Nothing. It that situation, there is a movement to make it appear as if nothing ever happened and all of this was swept under a big rug.

This organization needs to be shuffled up and reorganized as, they are masters of assigning blame to other people when they are in fact the guilty party with regards to their own recent decisions. Phillies fans were happy when the team was leading, not too many wanted this game called and for them to win by default due to weather. The Rays tied the game, and then the game was called almost immediately. Something is wrong in this. Let the facts stand in this game, the MLB did wrong and this decision should stand as one of the worst ever made by a professional sports organization.

Adding insult to injury, the country is bankrupt, we're in a war we can't win, the government has to bail out all the banks, there are record foreclosures across the country, and we go to elect a new President in only a week. God, we need a championship in Philly to boost our spirits!

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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