Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Phillies win an "Instant Classic" in Game 4

Bowa asks the Ump: 'Don't tell me those rotten Phillies are going to the World Series!"

  There used to be a name for a game that will go into the video vault as a great game. "Instant Classic" was the name of it, and this is what the Phillies played in on Monday night in LA against the Dodgers for Game 4.

  This game was like a roller coaster ride that both teams looked like they commanded at various points of the game. It was one of the most thrilling games ever for the Phillies fan. The team looked as if they would lose this one for sure, momentum went with the Dodgers until Matt Stairs sealed the deal with a homer into the starry night of the LA skies.

  I am so glad I didn't go to sleep on this one when I thought the Phillies were going to lose this one. Every one is second guessing Torre is this one. If Stairs struck out instead of homer, Torre is a genius and everyone is second guessing Manuel's wacky moves in this game. It's easy to sit in judgement and say if he would have done this or would have done that things would be different, but that is too easy to be an arm chair coach or GM.

  The facts were this was a hard fought game that the Phillies overcame what the Dodgers threw at them. End of story Phillies win. Howard needs some pointers on how to throw balls to any base that one is very clear.... he's afraid to throw a ball. I don't like it. I don't like it at all, your paying a guy 10 million and he comes up looking like a little leaguer. Rollins, Utley, and Howard should also be embarrased at what they have done in this series. The series win will be courtesy of Victorino, Ruiz, and Burrell.  

  Let's go.. and take this rag tag team into the World Series... is this really World Series team or am I just dreaming this?????????????

                          Rich Baxter  -  Fightin Phillies Blog

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