Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Phillies Talk Podcast Oct 8 2008 - Manny Ramirez is "Despicable"

The Phillies Talk podcast for Oct 8 2008, Tim McCarver said it, "Manny's Despicable" in so many words today in the Philadelphia Inquirer. What did he mean by this? Listen to my podcast and see what it is all about!

The Phillies vs. The LA Dodgers for all the marbles in the NLCS starting Thursday at 8:22pm! Listen to my prediction here on the only Phillies independent podcast out there! Phillies Talk with Rich Baxter.

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de·spi·ca·ble Listen to the pronunciation of despicable Listen to the pronunciation of despicable
\di-ˈspi-kə-bəl, ˈdes-(ˌ)pi-\
Late Latin despicabilis, from Latin despicari to despise

: deserving to be despised : so worthless or obnoxious as to rouse moral indignation

Yes Manny, you are obnoxious and in a word -

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