Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October baseball starts today for the Phillies!

The first day of the postseason is upon us and the Phillies are raring to go. A lot of talk of going deeper into the playoffs this year was the topic of several of the players after the Phils clinched the division for the second straight year. 

The games begin today, and I hope the Phillies bring their "A" game to the field this afternoon at Citizens Bank Park. The pitching staff still concerns me for the playoffs. They haven't been a pitching staff that is easily compared to World Series caliber staffs by any means. Cole Hamels has been strong all year, but he hasn't exactly been Cy Young and has been prone to being close to imploding a couple times during games down the stretch. He's not Steve Carlton that is for sure, not yet anyway. 

 That being said, the Phillies do have what it takes to win this series, the Brewers are no team to be taken lightly though. They have a dangerous line up of players that aren't household names but they get the job done on the baseball field. The Brewers have their 'unsecret' weapon in CC Sabathia, and the Phils need to do all they can do to win both home games so they go into Milwaukee without too many worries.

The Phillies offense is more than capable to do the job, yes we've seen them even get into a fog and it seemed at times that the team couldn't hit their way out of a paper bag, but this is all behind them now, and they need to let the legend of this team shine through and take a piece of the pie in this postseason.

 I'll be at the game today and I'll relay what I saw in my next post, so let's hope the Phillies end up on the winning side of today's game and hopefully the team is well on it's way to the NLCS next!

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