Monday, October 13, 2008

Moyer stumbles, Phils lose the battle continues...

Larry Bowa is a traitor Dodger Blue Weisel may he never wear Phillies pinstripes again!

Jamie Moyer went into Game 3 with an idea that he could win, and that opinion was shared by catcher, Carlos Ruiz as well. The game barely got underway and before you knew it, Jamie Moyer was down 5-0 with a flurry of hits and runs scored by the Dodgers.

The game devolved into a cat fight when Dodger catcher, Russell Martin stood in the batters box and let an errant change up by Moyer plunk him in the knee. Martin was not the same player after this, and in the next inning Clay Condrey threw another misguided pitch that was high and tight on Martin and from this moment on, Martin appeared to be bent on returning the favor to the Phillies as he lined up to catch balls directly behind hitters, Rollins and Victorino. Several players were fined in the near scuffle that broke out after Shane Victorino was thrown at by Dodger pitcher, Hiroki Koruda. The throw at Victorino was enough that Korudo should have been ejected, but instead he was one of the players on the Dodgers that was fined.

A little drama down in LA last night, but the end of the story found the Phillies on the short end of a 7-2 score and a score to settle tonight when the series continues. They don't need to come out and try to hit the Dodgers with baseballs, they need to get hits on the field and win a game out there in LA so they can wrap this series up either out there in LA or in Game 6 in Philly.

It was funny that you had two former Phillies, Larry Bowa, and a guy that just got honored by the Phillies two weeks ago, Mariano Duncan, both whom seemed to would have liked to punch some of the Phillies lights out last night. Suddenly it looks as if these two have really showed their true colors, Dodger blue perhaps. I won't feel the same towards either one of them, and don't care much more to hear of their accomplishments with the Phillies teams they used to be on either. They showed their true colors and I think the have drawn the ire of Phillies hometown fans as well, the boo crew will be out for them for sure! We don't forget these ugly incidents that's for sure.

Bring on Game 4, I am fired up and want to see more, more, more. By the way, I've been blogging with the live game chat at and it's pretty cool to be chatting away to people 3000 miles away about the game in progress, pretty cool! They do the same live game chat here in the Philly area at, check it out.

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