Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Hunt for Mr. October for the Phillies now up 2-1

Is Carlos "Mr. October" ???

Last night's win over the Rays did two things for the Phillies, number one: It moved them that much closer to the World Series 2008 Championship and number two: it gave us a guy that could be "Mr. October" for the Phillies. That guy is Carlos Ruiz, an unlikely candidate for the position, but a player that has had key hits for the fightins throughout the playoffs.

Only the die hard fans could last until almost 2 a.m. on Sunday morning for this one, and the MLB should be ashamed to have even played this game at all considering the weather conditions and the ticket prices that were charged to see this game. How could a kid stay up this late to see this game? The fact of the matter is that the weather was terrible leading up to even 9:15 pm, the rain doesn't just go away, it was there on the field and dangerous to the players who had to play in the sloppiness. I was landing at Philadelphia International airport at around 7 pm and it was the worst landing that I've ever experienced, it was so bad that everyone on the plane clapped and gave our pilots an ovation for getting that big jet on the ground as it swayed around like a helium balloon in the bad wind and rain as we hurled towards the landing approach in Philly.

Even Fox television was having audio and technical problems with this kind of night. It wasn't right to have to continue on into the wee hours of the morning to get this game in, it shouldn't have been played. That is my opinion, but I am sure a lot of the fans there on this night feel the same way. You're paying premium money to see this game and it wasn't right!

Phillies win in the late, late show 5-4, but if they would have lost I think a lot of sentiment would have been that the game just shouldn't have been played with those kinds of conditions.

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A lot of sentiment is that this game should have never took place, here's a link to an article in the Houston Chronicle by Richard Justice:

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