Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game 5 resumes tonight in Philly

 The suspended game from Monday night will resume tonight in Philadelphia. I luckily sold my tickets to this game to give someone else the chance to experience the playoff atmosphere in Philly. I didn't want them to have to go through what these fans are going through though. The long ordeal of rain, wind and cold temperatures from Monday night is too much for any real fan of the game to have had to endure. I know from a few Sunday games we went to this past season with the storms that blew in from out of no where with rain and lightning and thunder. Rain poured down real fast in the summer and it sent a chill through out, the feeling from Monday must have been all of that and more.

  Tim McCarver has said that they should start Game 5 all over from the first inning. That isn't a bad idea, but it is one that will not happen. The MLB made their own agenda on this and they are sticking to it. The game simply should have never started with rain falling from the start of the game and the forecast being so bad within a short amount of time. That wasn't done either, so the suspended game stands and Jimmy Rollins gets an error for looking up into the sky on a routine fly which he couldn't even see due to the lights and the rain. The umpires in the game soldiering through this game found themselves making the wrong calls on pitches. All in all a bad situation, but the MLB won't start this game again from scratch, not a bad idea though and Tim McCarver had the gumption to say it.

  ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski says Selig made the right call and this writer is blaming the weather forecasters. This is the kind of opinon that makes you scratch your head. Everyone on the planet knew that the conditons were bad and getting worse as the game started and then went on. Read his article here:

  Whatever the blame, Game 5 will be played tonight the conditions are dry. Players can play in the cold. No rain in sight, Bud..... 

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           I won't tune into the game until 8:29 pm I will miss all the Barack Obama show on purpose... politics and baseball make strange bedfellows.


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