Saturday, October 11, 2008

Game 2 belongs to the Phils...

The Ground Crew for the Phillies do a great job here's to them! Game 2 NLCS just before the start of the game!
Photo: R. Baxter

J Werth looks to go yard Game 2 NLCS @ Citizens Bank Park
photo R.Baxter

The crowd at Game 2 for this NLCS game was one of the best crowds I've ever been in to watch a baseball game. The festive mood, and atmosphere around the Citizens Bank Park was electric to say the least. The fans were behind every pitch that Brett Myers threw on Friday early evening in Philadelphia. Not a moment went by practically when there wasn't action on the field. I was listening to the game on the radio as I was sitting in my seat next to my beautiful wife, and listening to the guys talk about how the Phillies have determined that they can pitch to Manny and they know how to pitch him now in certain situations. Just after they said this, Manny put one in the left field bleachers for a three run shot, I remember thinking to myself the words that I spoke in my Phillies podcast, "Don't let Manny beat you". He didn't beat us this day, but I suggest the Phillies be a little more in a hurry to walk him and pitch to someone else instead.

This game was one of the best I've ever been to, yes I know the people out there reading this and saying "Your best seat is in your living room" yes, that may be true... my father is always telling me this, but no on this occasion you would never get the goosebumps and the feeling that these fans envoked on this game. The tears for Charlie Manuel when they panned over to someone in the crowd you made a sign up "This one's for Mom" with a heart next to it! You can't get more emotion than this really. There is nothing quite like this series against the Dodgers, it almost seems like the Phillies are destined to be in the World Series in 2008! They are playing like a giant steamroller, steamrolling everything in their path, and they'll stop at nothing to win it all. The team of 2008 may have a date with destiny - as a World Champion....

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