Monday, September 29, 2008

Phils vs. Brewers 3 pm Wednesday

The road to the World Series is a long one

The Phillies long wait to return to the playoffs is now over. Just a couple days till the team gets back into the postseason, and hopes of going deeper into the playoffs is what the Phillies look to do.

That won't be an easy road, with the Phillies facing a dangerous Milwaukee Brewers team that matches a good offense with very good pitching. The Phillies just got through a series with them recently, they swept the Brewers in the middle of September and the Brew crew almost didn't recover from that to even get into the playoffs. This is a 'new season' though now, and everything that happened before this series is just history, the Phillies still have to go out there and play like the did during the whole month of September, with a purpose in mind.

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