Thursday, September 25, 2008

Phils stay atop division despite losses

Get ready to paint the town 'Red'

The Phillies did peak at the right time this month, they went out there and got the job done when they really had to. The past two games they've stumbled, but luckily the Mets are playing the Chicago Cubs and the Cubbies have really played the Mets tough.

As I've said before, the Phillies at times look like a dominating team, and at other times look like a below average team. Pitching and batting equally at times can be blamed. The Phillies have little blockages that keep them from being a great overall dominating team. They can't seem to get hits to score runs at key times, or they can't hold a lead, or the starting pitching comes completely unglued.

All the great Phillies teams had a couple great pitchers on the staff, Carlton was the anchor through the 70's and into the early 80's. This year Jamie Moyer has went out there and pitched 15 wins - he's the top winning pitcher on the staff. Hamels has went out there too and dominated in every other leading pitching stat. There hasn't been that 20 game winner on this staff though, and that is the missing link to what would be a great, great Phillies season this year. A top A+ starter is still what the Phillies need, someone that is not going to work the bullpen ragged. If they Phillies get that pitcher, all other things being equal, they can really be in a position to dominate this division. They also need a lot more of a power hitter in the outfield. At present most of the run production is produced by the infielders and they need some big bat out there in the field to pick them up.

The Phillies look like they are going to the postseason, 3 more games will tell the whole story. A long journey that started in Philly in April is about to be part of history, and then the post season begins.

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