Saturday, September 06, 2008

Phils show improvements Game 1 vs NY Mets

The first game against the New York Mets saw the Phillies getting the win and more importantly more confidence last night at Shea Stadium. They had a lead that looked precarious again into the 9th inning, but this time Brad Lidge closed the door on the Mets although I couldn't watch the end live myself, it just looked very bad for the Phillies with two runners on and the tying run coming up to bat!

A tropical storm forces the postponement of Game 2 till 2:15 pm on Sunday, oddly the game will be a day/night doubleheader, with seperate admission. All baseball clubs now never give you the good old fashioned double header for free anymore. I remember the days when they used to schedule them, two games for the price of one. If this series were held in Philly, they would have had everyone come to the ballpark so they have to pay to park and then get some snacks in them before they called the game this afternoon. They've waited hours on end to get ballgames in this year, and if your a fan, and hold a ticket, you either play by their rules or just go home and miss the game. Thank god, the New York Mets called the game well before time, so this type of stuff doesn't happen with a tropical storm bearing down on the fans.

Now if game 1 in New York goes extra innings, I guess Shea will just have 45-50 thousand people looking to get into the parking lots and stadium right on the heels of the first 50,000 fans that are there to see the first game. That should be fun.

Onto the game itself though, Game 2 features Jamie Moyer who has won 12 games this year for the Phillies against Pedro Martinez who at times has looked good for the Mets, then other times looked like he was finished for the year. He certainly isn't the old Pedro that used to pitch for the Red Sox.

Game 1 stars for the Phillies, Brett Myers for keeping the Mets off their hot bat streaks, and Greg Dobbs who at this time should be referred to as "Mr Clutch" for the Phillies as he as come through many times this year for them and single handedly won several games for the club.

I still am not convinced this Phillies team makes it to the playoffs, this series with the Mets might be the closest thing the Phillies have to a playoff atmosphere. There is still too many question marks with their pitching both starting and relief. The Phillies management needed to add a Greg Maddux or someone like that, and didn't. That in my opinion leaves the Phils a little short this year.

I hope I am wrong!

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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