Thursday, September 04, 2008

Phils looked bad against the Nationals

The Phillies are the team with two heads. One head is a team that could win it all, everything purrs like a kitten and when this happens it is just great. Last night the Phillies turned in what looked like the other head they have, it is ugly and when it shows itself, you just want to turn away.

The Phillies had a situation where the Nationals had the bases loaded, two ground balls and nobody threw home? This is just unexplainable. These are major league players, and this shouldn't happen. Phillies announcer on the radio, Larry Anderson, was livid on the radio broadcast of the game. You can always look to him to tell the truth about something. He did tell the truth last night, he was really mad at the Phillies and said, "There's two errors you won't see in the box score." His sidekick didn't say a word, he generally doesn't berate the Phillies but this time it was true and the Fightins looked like a high school team. Ryan Howard's indecision left him to throw to second base when he clearly had a play at the plate, the guy would have been out by 15 feet.

The Phils fall 3 whole games behind the Mets, this team could be out of it by next week at this time if things don't change for them. The bullpen implodes regularly now, the offense is producing but not enough when the bullpen implodes, and sometimes the offense doesn't show up at all. They are not out of it yet, but this weekend says it all for the team. If they can't beat the Mets, they won't be going to the playoffs.

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