Sunday, September 21, 2008

Phillies victorious and my 'Stub Hub' rant!

The Phillies make me very happy when they win games that they need to win. They did it again today! They went out on the field and got the 15th win of the year for Jamie Moyer and with the Mets losing, the are in the driver's seat at 1.5 games up with 6 to play. God, I think you've answered my prayers, the Phillies are in the playoffs! The Phillies are in the Playoffs!

Now onto a different subject, and that subject is Stub Hub, the official ticket reseller of the MLB. This place looks so good, yes, I like the way they display their tickets for sale and all of that. That being that, that company is one of the biggest ripoffs in the world today! The allow you to 'list' your tickets for sale on their site for free, they only charge you 15% on the total sales on the tickets. That's a lot of money, much more than you would pay if you listed them on the Ebay tickets area, which Ebay of course owns Stub Hub, so there you go. The tickets listed on here are totally inflated beyond belief, so buyer beware. Ticket scalpers didn't get this much for their tickets back in the days when they have to pound the pavements to sell their tickets. I looked ahead at the playoffs, their were already tickets at 1500.00 each for the World Series - now that is a lot of money. The face value on those tickets is no where near what people get on Stub Hub. It is not good for the consumer at all, and the seller even gets 'scalped' in the end by Stub Hub. If any baseball writers read my column, can you please do a big juicy expose about this crap!

Rich Baxter / Fightin Phillies the blog

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