Monday, September 29, 2008

Former Phillies in the American League now

I thought Freddie Garcia was finished. He's not in a Phillies uniform anymore- thank god. What a terrible pitcher. We never even knew what his problem was and why he couldn't win a game in the Philly pinstripes. The Phillies paid him $10 million dollars for one year of misery, and now Freddie has shown up in Detroit to pitch on a very important day. The Tigers lost, though Garcia only gave up two hits though the 6th inning. Now why couldn't he pitch like this for the Phillies?

Oh by the way the guy we traded for Garcia was a guy named Gavin Floyd, yes that Gavin, and he went 17-8 for the Chicago White Sox this year and was the winning pitcher today for the White Sox who beat the Detroit Tigers 8-2.

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