Saturday, September 13, 2008

Curse of the Mets has started!

Saturday afternoon, the Phillies played the Brewers and the Phils were victorious 7-3, on the Fox game of the week for Saturday afternoon. I watched the scores flash on the screen at home and saw the Mets leading 2-0 late into their first game of two with the Braves and considered them to go on and win the game and stay up with the pace of the Phillies. I was astonished after the game with the Phils to see the final from Shea, the Mets gave up the lead and ended up losing their game with the Braves 3-2. The curse has started!

7 games down and 17 to go from last year is a memory. The Phils are much closer to the Mets this year, and if things continue, the Phils should wrestle the division from the Mets by the 21st of September at this rate, that is seven games from today! Lucky seven has been good to the Phillies.

The Phillies have games against Atlanta (2 sets), Florida, and the Nationals left to finish out the regular season. The Mets in the same end of the season series will face the Nationals, Atlanta, and Florida to end the season but the most important games the Mets have is against the Cubs for 4 straight games at Shea! Yes, those mighty Cubs, if the Cubbies can sweep this Mets bunch, they can get them to the off season really quickly! The games against the Cubs are at home to make it even more painful for Mets fans as they will watch as the Cubs rip them to shreds.

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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