Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Burrell will go out a winner

Pat Burrell has been a Philadelphia Phillie for a long time now. In the days of teams constantly trading up for journeyman superstars, Pat has been a solid producer for the team for years. At lot of the time in the past couple years Pat has been the whipping boy for fans who blamed everything on him. They booed him mercilessly for years, and all through this he remained a constant professional. Burrell has anchored left field for the Phillies for many years. He hasn't always been outspoken, and this may have worked against him a little, but in many ways his silence speaks volumes about baseball. You can't get in too much trouble if you don't put your foot in your mouth.

In the early part of the season this year, Pat carried the Phils for some time. He received a lot of respect from the fans this season as well. He may well be leaving the Phillies after this season and in an age where not many players stay with a team for their whole career, Pat will be missed out there in left.

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