Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's wrong with Cole Hamels?

9-8 with a 3.35 ERA this year so far

Cole Hamels seems to have had a lack of run support in the last couple games. This hasn't always been the reason that he hasn't done well this season though. There are a couple of stats that Hamels possesses to support this. Number one in my mind is home runs given up, he is up there at 23 going into tonight's game in LA, that is up there for Cole. Myers has given up 25 and that has been widely publicized, but Cole's number is right there as well.

Cole is also up there for hits allowed over 9 IP that number is 7.40. Cole does have 2 CG and 2 shutouts this season though. His record is a not so good, 9-8. This doesn't bode too well for Cole's demand of much more money this year the way he has pitched so far. What the Phillies decide to do after this year will be interesting. Cole can pitch, but he needs to start showing it now. He desperately needs a win tonight in tinseltown.

His career record is 33-21 so he's still in the plus there, but his last two outings have found him getting tagged with losses in each game. At this point in time he is projected to end the season at 12-11 according to ESPN.com which has the projected stats to the end of the season. He has been called 'struggling starter' in the previews of tonights game. If Hamels wins tonight, he stays above water, if he gets pounded, look for more foreboding articles to appear about Cole - so I hope he wins tonight!

Richard Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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  1. Lack of run support for him last night too. It's ridiculous how bad the Phils offense has become.