Saturday, August 30, 2008

Series vs. Cubs a must salvage for the Phils

So far in Chicago, the Phillies have been snake bitten in Chicago. They've lost two very important games to Chicago with the bullpen appearing to have a big problem holding games all of a sudden. The offense is doing their job, and now the pitching seems to have let the Phillies down a bit, though they are not out. Yet.

Umpire Chris Guccione had a terrible call at first base with Ryan Howard beating the throw on which he was called out. This call could have cost the Phillies this game as they were rallying late. Hey Chris, get a new pair of glasses! This was an out and out terrible call, I hope he doesn't do any playoff games because this was a really bad call.

The Phillies fell to 2.0 games out of first now, and with the games dwindling down to the month of September now with the remaining schedule, they have to do all they can to get back to their winning ways.

The Fightins have lost three in a row now, and this late in the season they can't afford to do that. On paper, they are almost statistically identical to the NY Mets, the Phils have just stumbled a bit lately. This type of play isn't the mark of a World Series winner, but if the Phils just make the playoffs that in itself becomes a new season and nothing previous matters.

The Mets haven't seen the last of the loss column, that is for sure. The one terrible stat the Phillies have this year is their record for day games, they are 16-22. This isn't a good sign. Somehow, they have to find out why their record during the day isn't too good. This day record the Phillies have is equal to the record of the Washington Nationals, so you can see this isn't good.

Here's some misc. stats of the Phils so far:

Ryan Howard... Strikeouts 2008... 175 as of 8/29
Chase Utley... Hit by pitch... 21 " "
Jimmy Rollins... Triples... 9 " "

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