Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phils swatting the Nats, Fans cheer!

Phillies map out a win 2 nights in a row!

It is great to hear the fans at Citizen's Bank Park cheer for a change. No, they didn't have a change of heart about Jimmy Rollins, they've been cheering a couple of wins by the Phils at home. I wouldn't get too happy though, the Dodgers are waiting to move into CBP for a 4 gamer over the weekend and I didn't like the results last week when the Phils were out in LA.

No argument tonight as Charlie left Brett Myers in for the whole game this time, tempers didn't flare with those two, so it looks as if the Phils are one happy team once again. The offense came out to play tonight a little. It showed that offense can still be a part of the Phillies game. They are in 2nd place, but keeping pace with the Mets who have been on fire for the last two weeks.

I would like a sweep of the Nats to keep the Phils in the hunt for the division, but I am cautiously optimistic of the series against the Dodgers. They have a lot of weapons to use now, and the Phils desperately need to keep winning!


  1. The cheering will catch on. Even Jimmy was cheered a lot last night.

  2. Great to hear, I can't believe that our own fans would boo the NL MVP of last year, Jimmy Rollins.

    He needs our support that is for sure!