Friday, August 15, 2008

Phils need to reverse course in San Diego

A trip out to the West Coast for the Phillies has brought nothing but quiet bats, losses, and Jimmy being Jimmy. Or was that Manny being Manny? Oh well, when your making $8 million this year and millions before, I guess you can say whatever you want to when your Jimmy Rollins. I think a lot of these ballplayers lose sight of who actually comes out to see them. It isn't millionaires for the most part, they're too busy making money to actually go out and see the team, no it's hard working people who have to put their season tickets on credit cards and pay on time just to keep their season seats. So, are you going to support that fan, Jimmy? No, I didn't think so. I've always liked Jimmy and I continue to be a fan of his but get off this subject and get out there and start getting the job done on the field!

Well, moving on, we have a swept team looking for salvation in San Diego tonight. This team needs a win, as the Mets won against Pittsburgh and look like a team turned around. The Phillies need to win every time the Mets win just to stay up with them, the minute the Phils lose when the Mets win, they start digging that winter hole that they can crawl into in October and miss the playoffs.

What happened? J Roll seems to be off on a temper tantrum, Utley curses at the fans that boo right on national tv, the whole team isn't hitting almost like Ryan Howard's average every game and Myers looks like he's going to kill someone out there on the mound when he's pitching. This is certainly going from bad to worse, they need a bit of lightening up a bit, bring a clown into the clubhouse or something, a comedian perhaps. The team needs to take a load off their mind, and just relax and play baseball.

I predict the Phils knock the seams off the ball tonight and win big in game one in San Diego!

The team did lose 6 straight already this year in June, I don't think they break that streak. They need a win though and start taking every game seriously but relax and have fun.


  1. The Phillies needed to win that series. The offense still isn't where it should be. We gotta sweep the Nats.