Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Phillies still standing 'Pat' after deadline

The Red Sox added some pitching power to it's lineup today. The old Phillies pitcher, Paul Byrd, was added to the Red Sox roster. What has Byrd been up to this year? Well here are his numbers:

Keep in mind that the Cleveland Indians are terrible this season!

W: 7 L: 10 GS: 22 4.53 era

The Phillies added Scott Eyre who is dubious at best when it comes to his health, although he did look ok in a couple pitches on Sunday afternoon for his first appearance in a Phils uniform. Is that the caliber of pitcher that the Phillies needed? No, not in any way. He is a relief pitcher, the Phillies needed a good lefty reliever and Eyre are out there and fit the bill. He'll come into the game at certain points and try to match lefties up to bat and put a fire out or two. He'll be tested, that is for sure. The more he is called on, the better we'll be able to see if he is healthy.

Are the Phillies done yet adding anyone? There was talk of Manny, but thank goodness we didn't get him, he is all for himself and a real weird character, Philly fans would have him in tears for sure.

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