Friday, August 22, 2008

Phillies Postseason plans? Will they make it ....

Just received my Phillies postseason package. If they make the postseason that is! The Division Series will start on October 1st which is a Wednesday and cover through the first week of October. The Division Series is a five game series and the winner moves up to the National League Championship series which is a seven game series. The winners of those series in the National and American leagues go onto the World Series which will see game 1 played on October 22nd which is also a Wednesday.

Here are the prices on the playoff tickets:

NL Division Series: Oct 1st - 7th

Field Level $70

All other areas: $40

NL Championship Series: Oct 9th - 18th

Field Level: $120

All other areas: $80

World Series: Oct 22nd - Oct 30th

Field Level: $225

Most other areas: $150

Terrace Deck - Pavillion Deck: $125

Now all the Phillies have to do is get into the playoffs, and that at this time doesn't look like a shoe in.

Rich - Fightin Phillies

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