Thursday, August 14, 2008

J Rolls comments make a point

What? the fans are upset at home with me?

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I don't interpret Jimmy Rollins comments about the fans as a negative. He's just calling it as he sees it. Look at Pat Burrell for instance, he's endured more booing than any home team player should have during his time here, and for what? He's the same player, this year he is doing very well, those boos have changed to cheers. I've talked at length about the damage we can do as fans by booing your own player, especially the ones that don't deserve it. They are 'your' team. It's like booing your mother when she tells you it's cold outside and to wear a jacket, she's your mother!

When a player on a team does poorly most of the time he isn't trying to do poorly, they need support not a dismissive boo in their ear. I think this is the way Rollins meant his comment to be taken. He may have went a little to far saying the fans here are front runners though. Every crowd loves a winner though, that is the nature of the beast, what do you want them to do... want to lose? Jimmy has opened a can of worms here now, he may face the boo birds at Citizens Bank Park, I don't think there will be many but when he goes 3-4 with two doubles and a homerun, they'll cheer him- if he strikes out a couple times he may get the boo call, nothing personal it's just those fans way of telling a player, "hey I spent a days wages for my tickets, how about giving that little bit extra and do something good!"

Don't boo Rollins when the Phillies come home, you'll fall right into the trap!

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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