Friday, August 15, 2008

J Roll and Utley say the same thing, interpretation is everything

In the games against the L.A. Dodgers, Jimmy Rollins went 3-17. He found time to talk about the fans though, somethings are better left unsaid and that subject is one of them. There is no easy explaination of why Philly fans take delight in booing a player when they aren't doing too well. The obvious thing for the fans to do in the players benefit would be to offer encouragement to a player that needs the extra support. 'Angry mob' mentality dictates that this isn't what happens though, and it is easier to boo than reason with why a player is doing badly.

Schmidt tried to tackle this subject, as did Carlton, and many other great Phillies. It's bothered all of them. Pat Burrell has maintained a silence on the subject for the most part, though I know something is simmering and one day he'll tell us all how he feels about the subject. It's just not easy to put a handle on it, I've been to many a game though in Philly and I find that the ignorant ones that boo are just trying to make some noise because they actually want attention more than the fact that they are booing a player for any given reason. The problem is there seems to be a lot of those types in a crowd at times.

When Utley said the infamous words that he uttered about fans that booed, he just said, "Boo? - F$$k You!" and no one said anything. The Utley comment flew over the radar by Philly fans and instead of J Roll trying to be philosophical about it, he should have just said the same thing and nothing would have been said. J Roll should have just said that very comment on the "Best Damn Sports Show Period" and he wouldn't be in the trouble he is in with some fans today.

Utley's comments weren't just directed at NY Fans, it pertained to every fan really. I like Utley as a player, but I didn't like what he said when he said it on national tv at the Home Run Derby in July.

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