Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why Oliver Perez looks like Cy Young against the Phillies

Perez was not a good pitcher two years ago

I want to know the answer to the question: Why does Oliver Perez look like Cy Young when he faces the Phillies? The Phillies used to have problems with left handed pitching, it appears they still do with today's performance against Perez and the NY Mets. Perez went 15-10 for the Mets last year but prior to that he wasn't in anyone's radar as being a good pitcher. Why does he look so good against the Phillies then?

One reason is that he's had some success against the Phils already, so he's in the heads of Phillies batters. The batters have to overcome this, and try not to focus on the past with him and try to figure out how to get hits off of his pitching. Ryan Howard looked particularly terrible, there is no reason for this, and Ryan needs to get more confidence about facing lefties and stop flailing at change ups way out of the strike zone. With two strikes perhaps choke up on the bat a little and protect the plate more, don't just stand up there and invite a pitcher to make you look foolish.

The Phillies had a runner on third late in the game, there is no excuse not to score him! No can do though for the Phillies, they just strand him out there and no one can bring him home. Drag a bunt down the first base line in a close game, dig, claw, and muscle your way to victory if you have to, I don't see the Phillies acting this way.

Perez was 3-13 in 2006 for two different teams, there's a reason for this. Go back to those days and view the video tapes, see his weaknesses because there must be plenty if he used to be a 3-13 pitcher. So my main point of this post is, Perez isn't that good so treat him that way, go up to the plate and expose his weeknesses, make him throw strikes, don't chase after his junk balls and the Phillies would have more success against him. Swing when you have two strikes, protect the plate, and make contact.

Ryan Howard needs desperate help at the plate, the batting coach should be working with him tirelessly to solve the problem of his many strikeouts. I know he has a billion rbi's and many homeruns, but it's the simple things that win many ballgames. Being able to move a runner with a deep sacrifice, things like this that Ryan is failing at. Ryan is a double edged sword, he's great with homeruns at times but his all around game really suffers otherwise. I want to see him mature into a better all around player.

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