Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Utley: All Star who had an Error a huge one!

Ty Cobb was a 'nasty' guy, is Chase Utley ?

Chase Utley may have been very nervous when he was announced at the Home Run Derby on Monday night. He was so nervous, he actually cursed the fans who voted him into the position in the first place. If that wasn't bad enough, it made national headlines and was talked about in length today on sports radio stations in Philly and around the country.

Utley has got to learn not to do things like this, an apology was issued, but the damage was done. He sounded like a spoiled multi-millionaire that didn't get what he wanted. What he wanted was cheers, and adulation. Well, Chase is an all star but he's far from the Hall of Fame and he should learn that it's the fans that support his baseball habit and keep his accustomed to his 'style' of living.

In Philadelphia, Utley has been known as the quiet 'superstar'. Almost like a baseball god really. He doesn't say too much in the press and when he does it usually some recap of a play of some other quote that makes a great sound bite but may not be the way we really know about the player. We all assume he's a great character kind of guy, but this incident puts a big chink into that persona. Yes, after last night I think Utley gets looked at in a different light. The quiet trust is gone.

Yes, this was a error, and yes everyone is human and makes mistakes, but Utley uttering the words, "Boo???.... F$$k You' on the worldwide broadcast of the All Star game in 2008 has got to be one of the worst moments in Philly baseball history. I don't care if every fan in the stadium was booing Chase, come on there was a lot of Mets fans in attendance there at the All Star game you can expect a lot of boos from them at least.

Chase, I am a fan of your play on the field, but you made a huge error here. It practically overshadowed the whole All Star game in Philly on the sports radio stations and around the office coolers today. It was wrong, and we heard you apologize but I think you may need some help, perhaps all the awards are going to your head or your angry. Maybe anger management class? You did a tremendous disservice to yourself, and put a huge cloud up over you for some time to come not to mention a black eye to Philadelphia.

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies


  1. Rich Baxter, are you sure you're not a soccer mom? Perhaps you didn't grow up in Philadelphia. But Utley became "the man" in Philly when he said that at the all-star game to the New York crowd. In Philadelphia, the love for him grew even greater. And Chase knows this, hence the reason he dropped the f-bomb on multiple live television and internet feeds last Friday at the conclusion of the parade.

    This also shadows the fact that baseball players are probably the most vulgar and careless athletes out there. Turn your television on to any regular season game and I'm willing to bet you'll at least hear someone utter a curse word in the background noise.


  2. Yes, they are World Champs, but class goes a long way and this wasn't classy.

    Almost like Jason Werth cursing a fan for protecting his son on July 9, 2010. The 'F' bomb again.

    Class, I tell you is the key!