Friday, July 25, 2008

Rollins and Manuel must give a little

Manuel - in happier days

The brew ha ha that is simmering with Jimmy Rollins and Charlie Manuel shouldn't be so public. Manuel shouldn't just throw Rollins to the wolves and then Rollins is being torn to shreds by anyone who is familiar with the 'rules' to live by set by Manuel.

I don't agree that an all star like Rollins should be treated like a rookie, there are circumstances that can contribute to a solution to a problem like Rollins had on Thursday morning, hitting tremendous traffic in New York City. This is such an occurrence, Rollins didn't do it on purpose- traffic just seems to 'happen' in New York. I know this first hand, once I was driving to Shea to see a game and got caught in a really terrible jam that I couldn't even make a 1:10 pm game by 2:30pm causing me to miss the entire game! Of course that is a rare happening, but it's New York.

Manuel isn't perfect, in fact he should be called on the carpet more for what he doesn't do. He isn't a perfect manager and is no Connie Mack. The Phillies are in a playoff race that just saw them fall from the top spot, this was the last situation that the Phillies as a team need to deal with. Can't this team just get along?

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