Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phillies winning in DC, no trade rumors with the Phils though

It's good to see the Phillies winning in DC, if they can't win there, there's going to be big trouble, although the Nats always play pesky with the Phillies.

A couple of trades announced today= who else but the Yankees? The Phillies are no where to be found though on the MLB trade rumors marketplace. Are they going to go without picking up anyone else? Just wait till tomorrow at 4 pm but it looks like they might at this time. No real solid rumors about anybody moving off the team and no solid info on a pickup, although they may announce something after tonight's game. I would like to see them get a rock solid starter, Greg Maddux maybe but that seems like an impossibility. This is the Phillies time to bring a championship so they must strike while the iron is still hot!

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