Friday, July 25, 2008

McCarthy needs to be more of a Phillies fan

McCarthy can only improve by being more of a Phillies fan 

Listening to Tom McCarthy has been difficult for me this season, does anyone else notice this? He is always accentuating the negatives a whole lot more than beating the band box for the Phillies most of the time. When a team on the opposite team from the Phillies make a good play, he's always announcing it with such glee in his voice, like we want to hear someone describe how great the other team is .... I don't understand this.

McCarthy was very good before in his role on pre and post game announcer for the Phils, but now that I've heard him do more of the game with the absence of Harry Kalas, I can say he's no successor to Kalas if you're a Phillies fan.

I am going to quote some posts on the site when it was learned that McCarthy would leave the Mets.....

Man, you guys are tough. Although I have to admit I was never a big fan - mostly because he and Howie never seemed comfortable together.
I guess he had a tough act to follow: Howie Rose and Gary Cohen were not just good, but may have been the best radio team going. And then before that, well, it was the best in the business, ‘ol Murph.
Still: Tom had a frustrating habit of describing a play AFTER it happened, rather than during….Most announcers are like that, but I would rather have them “paint the word picture” for us, and Mets fans have had some of the great ones to do that….
It’s all too clear to me now. The Phillies sent McCarthy to us as a “plant” to infiltrate our team and steal our signs, inside info, etc. I demand an official MLB investigation.
You might be a good spy, McCarthy, but you sucked as an announcer.
Good riddance!


Never liked him. Good.


Too much of a game show host guy to me!


These were actual posts on the MetsBlog after McCarthy left the Mets employ. It's true that McCarthy may be a better radio announcer than a TV announcer, but for my money he's not that much of a Phillies tried and true fan.

Case in point, the Braves bat around in the 9th inning tonight the Phillies are losing 7-0, and I just listened to McCarthy announce, "And the Braves have batted around" with so much glee you would think he was working for Atlanta, or just being overly impartial when we want him to soothe us over this game.

Can anyone share their opinions in the comments section

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