Wednesday, July 09, 2008

J.A. Happ looks fine as a Phillies starter

Every once and a while you see a good pitcher come up from the minors and impress you with their pitching style and the way they carry themselves on the mound. James Anthony Happ is one of those pitchers. Happ was a drafted in the amateur draft of 2004 in the 3rd round and they have been keeping him pitching in the Phillies farm season for the past two seasons. Last year Happ was still curing his game, he was called up for one game against the Mets, and was bombed by a hot Mets squad waiting to pounce on him.

J.A. Happ even had his own MLB Blog that he commented on how it was to be in Spring Training in 2007, you can still read his posts here. It's a rare insight to hear all about the happenings directly from a blog post by an MLB player. This year, Happ has matured into what could be a nice career for him. All too often the Phillies haven't been cultivating young pitching talent too often. In the early seventies and mid seventies it seemed like they always had Phillies minor leaguers coming up to get their shot to pitch in more than a few games.

I wouldn't mind seeing Happ pitch a couple more games, give him some playing time and see where it goes. The Phillies need another lefty that is going to compliment Cole Hamels and the Happ/Hamels combo may be the ticket to the playoffs if Happ keeps pitching like he has been.

Rich Baxter / Fightin Phillies . com

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