Monday, July 07, 2008

Howard's RBI's don't equal his LOB

All I read about in the newspapers in Philadelphia is about Ryan Howard and how many RBI's he has. 'Don't worry about his average' and 'Don't worry about all the strikeouts' always are mentioned in the articles in the Philly Inquirer all the time. To this I say, 'Bull'. No, not Greg Luzinski, but pure 'bull'! Game in game out, I am waiting for Howard to become the complete player, the little extra that will put the team first and his stats second.

His strikeout rate is simply unacceptable and his ability to come through in clutch situations in almost as bad. Yes, he does come through from time to time, but every Phillies player has done that during the season. Yesterday at Sunday's game against the Mets, Howard left 5 men stranded on base himself. You can't win ballgames that way, also Pedro Feliz did the same thing, he left 6 men on base. Howard swung like a rusty gate with 4 strikeouts alone in this game. Have the guy bunt in certain situations I say, he can't hit the ball so have him at least move a runner.

When the season is over the whole story will be told, I personally think the Phillies should shop him for Tim Lincecum if the Giants would entertain it, I really would do that deal in a second. Get someone for Howard, make it a blockbuster. I don't think a a guy with a 123 strikeouts is worth having on the team with a couple more games to go towards the first half of the season. Philly fans are addicted to the long ball and I will tell you that this doesn't win ballgames, it's the guy that's moving runners with clutch hits, and even a sac fly which Howard doesn't seem capable of doing.


  1. Amen brotha! Seriously, all Howard can do is hit a homerun or k. He can't field worth shit. He may have a ton of rbi, but that's because he bats cleanup in the Phils lineup. I'm tired of him.

  2. Yeah, me too! Trade him now, and get someone for him! He's going to cost a ton of money to keep, and I think the Phils do better with a star pitcher instead of the HR ball.

    I'd like to have you on a broadcast of Philly Sports Talk Now! - I'll email you as we schedule the next shows, my co host is taking it week by week to see what night we tape on!