Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blanton brings mixed bag to Phillies

I was skeptical when I heard this one, Joe Blanton to the Phillies? Is this the 'A' list pitcher that GM Pat Gillick was referring to ? I somehow think maybe Blanton isn't an 'A' lister, in fact I think the A's may be happy to see him gone. He did have 16 wins in 2006 however, and that may be cause for the sun to shine in on this deal. The problem is though, Blanton has been terrible this year! Is he hurt? What is the reason for his demise this year.

The 2008 Oakland A's are a 51-44 ballclub at the break, they've been winning games. Blanton has a big 12 losses for them this year, does this remind you of anyone on the Phillies staff? Blanton's era is in the high 4's near the 5+ of Mr. Adam Eaton's ERA, this is certainly no cause for celebration. Maybe the change will do him good, I sure hope so because most of the pitchers that Gillick has acquired have been busts. Busts with a capital 'B' - I don't know but I think another pitcher couldv'e served the Phillies better than a guy who is having his worst year of his career and he's only been pitching for about 5 seasons. Does this kind of remind you of the year that Brett Myers is having?

Blanton has 70 Earned Runs given up already, this isn't a good sign considering no one else in the A's pitching staff has over 45 to this point of the All Star break. A lot of tough luck for Blanton maybe, but that is giving him every benefit of all doubt that hangs over him. Yes, Blanton has a cloud following him, and I hope he loses it when he's down in Florida this weekend! Oh yes, and ESPN sports predicts him to go 9-20 for the rest of the year if he keeps up like he has been going.

Rich Baxter - Fightin Phillies

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