Friday, June 27, 2008

Wade interested in Freddie Garcia

Ed Wade, our former Phillies GM who is a large part responsible for what the Phillies look like today still, is interested in Phillies rehabbing pitcher Freddie Garcia. If Wade's own pitcher wouldn't have thrown him to the ground in disgust, we probably would have traded Garcia for the Houston pitcher/bouncer Shawn Chacon even up, assuming Houston would have picked up his full salary which I am sure they would have.

The story is familiar, player doesn't do what management wants and he gets spanked. Only this time after a slight spanking, this player relaliated and assaulted the poor defenseless Wade. This doesn't sound like a good way to keep your job, and Chacon should actually be banned from baseball at least for the rest of the year, if not for his life. Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal came out against Ed Wade on this story. Read his post on the situation here. Rosenthal doesn't make any sense saying that Wade shouldn't have called him on the carpet in front of other coaches and staff. Why not? The pitcher totally disregarded management when there was a visit to the mound, is that ok Ken? Come on, if your boss said he wanted to speak with you, and you walked a away and just ignored him, I guess Ken Rosenthal or anyone else wouldn't have a job or a boss at that point. They would have been fired. Why shouldn't a player be told, that this will not be tolerated? What if every player acted this way?

I've never been that big of an Ed Wade fan, but this wasn't his fault and the guy doesn't deserve to be assaulted by some big goon.

Rich Baxter / Fightin Phillies Blog

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