Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Phils better crush the Marlins in Game 3

I thought the Phillies were going to pull into Miami and crush the Marlins the way they have been playing. I don't believe that they dropped the first two games of the series to them. Where is that offense that couldn't be stopped in the past two weeks?

I say the Phillies should come out and send a clear message to the Marlins that this is 'the Phillies' division by coming out and trouncing them in game 3.

Yes, Flash imploded in Game 2 he shouldn't have been on the mound to give up that Grand Slam, he isn't that good really and has been pitching above his means. Manuel again makes me wonder if he is managing the team or is the team managing him. I'll say it again in this Phillies blog: I don't think Manuel is as good as the credit he is taking from the recent win streak. He doesn't manage smartly. With the first walk, Gordon should have been pulled period. This isn't armchair coaching, but it's what happens with better managers who know better than stay with someone until the ship sinks and the game gets blown.

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